Saturday, December 12, 2009

misty day in cambridge

summer and i were going to go to the beach yesterday, but as we entered the train station, we saw that the route was delayed by construction. what to do? next down the schedule was a train to cambridge----leaving in 3 minutes! off we ran down the platform...

we arrived in a literal fog...a thick, chilly mist...would we even see the town? quickly we oriented ourselves, with the aid of, or in spite of, a tourist map. my eye was caught by posters for an exhibition of lithographs by odlin redon, an artist i don't know that well, but whose work has appealed to me since my art school days. the admission was free at the fitzwilliam museum and a fine [art] excuse to get out of the cold.

the cityscape was itself impressionistic, due to the mist----thick on atmosphere, literally. i seized some photographic moments:

the digital camera interpreted the fog as a purple haze [cue hendrix].

some fine [art] moments in the fitzwilliam's sculpture park:

summer with an extra hand waving...

like many student towns, cambridge harbored seas of bikes which i thought were particularly interesting visually---more like a scene from a city in china:

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