Monday, February 22, 2010

artiste: two-point-zero

the idea
the big idea
[what's the big idea?]:

that an auteur,
a single author,
[one who inspires awe]

can make,
can make anything,
can make a single thing

worth our while,
worth our wily
hive mind's attention

anymore clever,
any more than the
computing cloud's
worldwide brain.

kiss it goodbye--
[a good buy for the globalistas]

the propriety,
the private property,
the proprietary prosperity,

deeds that are titled,
deeds that are entitled,
the greedy intellectual title-deed,

'cause, as a corollary,
the coroner comes
to the coronary

of the

souled-out [sic],
seemingly selfish,
single-celled self---

dead of a broken art.

move over,

'cause here comes everybody!
even coffins won't
be single occupancy...

and all new virtues
will be virtual.

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