Thursday, February 11, 2010

late in the long 6-month day

well, the sun [whatever that might be] sets on my trip as well as the british empire...i sit in the long shadows contemplating the long 6-month day of my sabbatical----i am different somehow...more willing to take a stand for myself...weathered, bloodied...but unbowed...much more work than i'd imagined!

in a few days, james and i leave for the southwest of england [cornwall/somerset] to visit the secret quarry, on whom our entire venture depends. when we proposed and scheduled this meeting i realized just how much of my anxiety was related to not knowing about this crucial piece of the puzzle. is it a deal i can depend on to return to this country? we'll soon find out...

this past week, i've designed the bag for our secret product...indulging in my love/hate relationship with doing computer graphics...brings back the rush of the caffeinated dot-com daze [sic]...of being young with a place in the world [though that place was a soap bubble, reflecting the economy it spawned---neither exists anymore anyway, except as scum around the drain of things past]. the files are very large [because the bag is too], but i'll see about posting copies here...i'd love some feedback!

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