Wednesday, November 4, 2009


last night at norwich arts center---another church converted to cultural pursuits---we saw/heard a fantastic welsh band, mabon! self-described as 'original inter-celtic', they are led by the main songwriter, jamie smith---a tunesmith, indeed, with fiery fingers effortlessly gliding up and down the accordion! so young, so talented...and he's only been playing the accordion seriously for 9 years! his playing seems to belie the 10yrs./10,000hr. rule of mastery.

if that weren't enough, the entire band was just as accomplished, especially jamie's wife, grainne, on fiddle; she did everything he did, but with a bow---quietly virtuosic. calum stewart, the scotsman of the group, joined in the quiet virtuosity on flute and pipes. even more warming was the fact that the original band was started by jamie's dad, who still plays a mean rhythm guitar with them. the rhythm section was playful, tasteful, tight and with welcome funky outbursts.

as an outro, i'll let the video speak for itself...

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