Saturday, November 14, 2009

taiko drumming

if anyone had asked me when i was 8 years old what my ultimate fantasy was, and if i'd had sufficient cultural knowledge of the world [which i did not] i would've blurted out, 'taiko drumming!!!' that eight-year-old isn't far from the surface; so i jumped at the chance to go to a class!

big drums! big sound! sweeping gestures...drumming as martial art...physically demanding...led by a sharp warrior woman, named alice...the warmups took me back to the jujitsu dojo i attended briefly as a preteen: full stretches, pushups, situps, demanding poses, squats----a recipe for a very healthy body, if you don't get hurt...and if you keep doing them...

our warrior-in-chief did a great job showing us where the power needed to come from: the whole body, starting with a supportive stance [seen in photo] and radiating through the 'core', lower abdomen, center, hara----take your pick---to your upper body. in other words, not just with your arms or hands.

i was experiencing 'zen'-type moments, where my whole body was unified with itself and with the center of the drum. yes, chime in, 'aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh daniel-san.........become the target..........' i did. i forgot the need to 'be a drummer', to be flashy and fancy...very liberating!

for the past 3 days i've been as sore as i can remember being after the start of high school wrestling season...but i think i'll be back next week, taiko drumming!

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  1. Thanks you, Dan! I missed you and here you are! I have been taking yoga once a week at work. Very helpful. Taiko sounds ecstatic. -Grace