Sunday, November 22, 2009

what the stones mean to me now

some of you remember the string of synchronicities right before i left for this trip: that i was to 'follow the stones'...the stones actually followed me at that time! on the same day, rachel, my roommate then, gave me a stone as a farewell gift, as did a client of mine whom i hadn't seen for 6 months. deanna organized a bon voyage party in which i received a sac of stones/runes contributed by 4 separate people. james then started planning a trip to carnac! none of these people knew what the others were doing [if they even knew each other in the first place] nor did i ask for anything in particular, stones included!

two months into my trip, the one-third mark, how do i interpret the stones? a chunk of my interpretation is under the influence of thomas moore [mentioned in an earlier post] whose books, 'care of the soul' and 'life at work' i've recently enjoyed, as well as robert sardello's 'facing the world with soul' which was included in moore's bibliography. i'd love to quote the whole sardello book here and claim i wrote it, but that would be illegal; so, i'll give you this meaty, stony excerpt from pages 62-3, where he quotes from an alchemical text, the 'gloria mundi' and then comments on it:

'the stone is familiar to all men, both young and old; it is found in the country, in the village and in the town, in all things created; yet it is despised by all. rich and poor handle it every day. it is cast into the street by servant maids. children play with it. yet no one prized it, though it is the most beautiful and precious thing on earth and has the power to pull down kings and princesses. nevertheless, it is esteemed the vilest and meanest of terrestrial things.' i dare say, this stone is the soul of the world. how impotent and insignificant it seems. the purpose of learning through soul concerns the intensification of what is actually present, which comes about when individual soul conjoins with world soul.

yeah...what he said!

to close, i'll add a literal dimension of the 'follow the stones' directive: james and i are working on a product, codename 'geo-grow'. we'll be taking a quarry product, fines or stone dust, and repackaging it as a soil re-mineralizer [which it surprisingly does with the help of earthworms and soil microorganisms]! usually the fines get paved into roads, rather anticlimactically. the idea to use crushed stone in the soil is far from new. farmers 100 years ago referred to 'stone flour'. but the zeit is right, right now! but, shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....don't tell anyone...........................yet................................


  1. sure! we'll send you a bag ;-)

  2. Speaking of stones and the ordinary not being ordinary, here's a thought from "my" rabbi. Love, Grace