Friday, January 1, 2010


ah, a symmetrical date that the uk and the states can agree upon---there are 11 others, when the day and month are the same number. the english put the day first, then the month; americans do the opposite.

ah, a fine binary date: off, on, off, on, on, off.

ah, happy new year! may it be as rare as the blue moon which kicked it off...

my new year's eve was spent at an interesting concept for a dinner party. the brainchild of gary, james' brother [who is also responsible for the banana wreath photo], all the guests were assigned a course of the meal to prepare. no guest knew what any other guest was making. high-blown restaurantese descriptions were written and a menu was compiled and printed by gary's son, izambard. my text read as follows [you might recognize it]:

humanely dismembered kale sustainably massaged in a delectable melange of alioli plasma, quintessence of citron, superannuated nutritional yeast and hand-grated coagulated casein protein...

yes, the famous kale salad! guests were responsible for serving their course and cleaning up after it; so, no mess lingered for the hosts. plates were reused [after being washed, of course].

even after 7 courses, i wasn't stuffed and neither was anyone else! the portions were small, like tapas, and the meal stretched itself across 4.5 hours, from appetizer to dessert. a recommended concept...

in sum, a crowdsourced good time. a smart mob. dinner party 2.0.

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