Wednesday, January 27, 2010

apologies to those who care

news bulletin: dan doesn't want to kill himself. repeat: dan does not want to kill himself.

yikes! i'm blushing...embarrassed about my capital-r romantic outpouring of the few previous posts! maybe i should cut down on the schubert leider...maybe some sunshine would help ;-)

seriously, i thank you, my friends, for reading, caring and writing to me very eloquently and skillfully...i always assume incorrectly that no one is glorious to know that i'm wrong!



  1. Oh we're watching, more than you know. Sometimes it takes a butt load of self control not to jump in and let you know yet again, how much you are loved. Sounds strange doesn't it? However, that comes out of a concern that it might be taken in a way that is not intended, as well as a realization that only you can fully realize and accept this fact. The challenge is, you're the judge, the jury, the jailer and the jailed. It's amazing the corners you paint yourself into. Who wouldn't be depressed or want to be "buried" given the "no options" clause that you've rubber stamped your life with. The thing is though, the no options clause is just old software. That software can be updated. You think you've got a defective hard drive but the reality is you've got one with very advanced circuitry. You haven't made peace with that yet and engaged with it enough to realize the amazing gifts that are inherent there.



  2. I wish someone would write me a note like that!