Friday, January 29, 2010

the plan [stan [and ollie]]

besides not wanting to kill myself, my near future according to me will look something like this [i hear god laughing somewhere]:

james and i are in the process of trying to get his company to be able to legally sponsor me as an employee. it's an obstacle course of checklists and requirements, but we're going through it check by check. what will we be doing? we've developed a soil remineralization product, called geo-gro, made from stones----remember the injunction for me to 'follow the stones'?

right now the 'climate' in the uk, political, environmental and social, is about as supportive as could be asked for such a business venture. an excerpt from this guardian article:

Benn promised £50m for research over the next five years. Much will go to find ways to reduce carbon emissions from soils and rotting waste food, as well as finding ways to grow food with less fertiliser, pesticides and fuel.

'benn' is hilary benn, uk environmental secretary. geo-gro can help with all of the above. we've applied for a startup grant and have a decent opportunity to be awarded up to £5,000 [$8,000].

this means that i'm intending not to return to my old life in boston as a massage therapist. there are many reasons why, but the best one is 'because i can't'. i'll miss very much all the friends and spiritual family i met there!

so how does it end? not sure. i could get the visa while i'm still here, in which case i wouldn't have to leave and return to the states. if no word from uk immigration, then i have to leave between march 9th and march 28th. i'd be landing in nj, somewhat in limbo, awaiting news of my status. this will be time for me to make a bit of money somehow and to visit friends and family [in boston, ny and nj]. if awarded a visa, then i drive up to boston, get my stuff out of storage in roslindale, say goodbye to friends and book my next flight.

and what if i don't get a visa? i need to find a new way to make money, retrain---guitar repair is still on my mind as a potential new career. the school is in nj and lasts 6 months. after that i'd probably return to boston [remember me?] with a skill in demand there, enabling me to pay the steep entry fee for the game of being able to afford to live there!

comments/suggestions welcome.


  1. Suggestion: Visit Boston long enough to record some things and play a few dances with me!

    Like the plan.


  2. i'd love it, joel! it would keep me sane, too ;-) let me know specifically what you're thinking...


  3. p.s.....know of anywhere i could stay?