Sunday, September 13, 2009

alright, then?

i did it. a patient recovering from an elective operation of my own design: to go on a sabbatical from my career and my day to day life i had built in boston, ma. to pack up my life and live with a friend in norwich, uk, for 6 months. why 6 months? [especially when it would mean returning to new england from old england during early march] this is the maximum time alloted by british immigration for a tourist visa. this will be, by far, the longest time i'll spend as a tourist!

only after a 20 min. interrogation was i allowed to enter england. perhaps the truth i told was too baffling: that i was there to soak in numerous neolithic sites. was i a scholar doing research? who was my sponsor? what did i do for a living, anyway? how much money did i have access to? was i planning to work? drive on the wrong [right] side of the road? pester british women with requests for kisses?

how grateful i am for my telepathic link with james; the immigration officer marched out to james on the inside of the border and asked him the same questions, to which he received the same answers. majority ruled and created truth. no longer was i alone and/or potentially insane! welcome! surprisingly, the guard claimed that, in his experience, no one had given as a reason to enter england, 'neolithic sites'...i say, 'shame...'

meet my three gracious hosts: james, juliette and holly the cat. they cleared a corner in the living room for me to live in...i thought the posters were a particularly nice touch...privacy, be gone! holly is allowing me to sleep in her bed for the moment...

early in the game, i know, but our freshly-minted family gets along well and hopefully will still by the end of 6 months' time. i hope i don't stink after 3 days [ah, too late, as this is my third] like poor richard's 'guests and fish'! we are going to attempt a weekly meeting to maintain this challenging living arrangement.

i've set the setting and the dramatis personae...check back soon for some verbs---hopefully!


  1. Hey Dan, great to hear from you and get the first update. I was just thinking about you and then went to check my email and here you are.
    You look like you're in very friendly surroundings there, I like your
    bedroom! Keep blogging, I feel like I'm connecting to you.



  2. I feel like I get to be with you in England, Dan! Congratulations on making it through customs despite your swarthiness. I do like to think that our oddities make us and our stories more real-seeming, even to officials. Love, Grace

  3. FINALLY I have a moment to comment on this. Among other things, I LOVE the wee frog. It reminds me of this one that I saw on a hike with Grace, Morgan and Dylan. Keep in mind that those are Morgan's 17 year old hands.