Wednesday, September 30, 2009

return to the unfamiliar

sorry for the lapse [i've been away from my being away]! since i was away from a computer for over a week, i'm going to have to post the exciting goings-on backwards, leading up to the ever-fleeting present.

the map traces [sort of] the route from the flatlands of norwich to the hilly, windswept maritime hallsands, devon, where james and i visited his mum and her partner at their new retirement home----3 trains and 8 hours later.

from devon we made our way to the famous megaliths of carnac, brittany, france---2 drives and a ferry ride in another 8 hour soujurn. it was interesting to drive on the right side of the road on the wrong [right] side of the car!
details and pictures in the posts to follow!

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