Tuesday, September 15, 2009

ordinary time

verbs, finally---but not very exciting ones...left are some literal fruits of our labors in a u-pick-it orchard: plums, apples and pears. it's harvest season! made a pukka apple crisp with bramley apples [look! apples with their own website!], buckwheat, oats, cinnamon, sugar, butter and honey---thought very much of jay!
jen wanted to hear about the food here and i'm planning a post about that...some interesting contrasts with the states.

mostly, for the past few days, we've been doing lots of little odd jobs around the house and slightly beyond. for anything beyond, since juliette takes her car mon-thurs, we're on bicycles equipped with racks and knapsacks:

fixing the toilet seat

tincturing hawthorn berries picked from bike path hedgerows [male witch activity]

filling, sanding, painting and/or varnishing an interior door and its moldings

cleaning a freecycle fridge

trimming the budlia bushes for the season

inevitable trips to the food store

i've actually found the completion of various day-to-day chores quite grounding...i'm really feeling the necessity of work in my life----did my father just faint?! i've also found myself hesitant to open my mouth for fear of 'standing out' as an american...so far no one cares, though...

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