Wednesday, September 16, 2009

down, down into norwich town

biked to the park and ride about 15mins. and for a pound round-trip, got the bus into downtown norwich with a couple of mums with their pups and a clear majority contingent of retirees, whom james and i most resemble. the postcard to the left shows the permanent open air market stalls in the city center. i'm pretty sure, judging by the weather so far, that the sky is courtesy of photoshop...

bought a greater norwich map, the better to orient myself----i think of how difficult it is to make connections in a strange city in one's native land [at least for this native!] and see how daunting it'll be here...especially when i momentarily unplug my umbilical to james! need to leap into verbs! common verbs! verbs in common with others...shared contexts...or else it's an intellectual exercise in futility with enough navel lint for a sweater. sadly, i think my social prospects resemble our bus ride----that my peers are busy making hay while their proverbial sun is still shining; leaving retirees and mums home during the day.

james has been excited at the prospects of singing norfolk [local] folk songs---possibly on the street for spare change and, hopefully, fun [with me on uke and/or drum] i'm excited to possibly bring you audio of james' sublime singing!...and so we searched in the library to find two books of collected songs transcribed by classical composers, vaughn williams and moeran. moeran's book was a facsimile of his actual notebook, mistakes, snide asides about the [lack of] value of the lyrics and all!

a lamb and mint cornish pasty for lunch:

then pedaled to an allotment [public garden] to check out a potential plot for the green man's recreation. now i type to a setting sun, swaying treetops and waning autumnal light...

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