Monday, September 14, 2009

meet james...gardener extraordinaire!

more setting for you, with implied action---gardening! simply put, james is the green man! how easy he makes it's a general view of the back's probably about 60 feet from the house to that door in the picture...and that door is attached to a strawbale shed!
you heard me correctly: a shed made from bales of straw! see for yourself [above]. it was his 40th birthday present to himself. usually the straw is sealed over with plaster to prevent decay, but this shed has withstood the elements for 4 years without any damage.

behind the shed [as if it weren't enough] is a compost, rainwater harvesting and glass greenhouse area:

here's a closeup of the grape arbor which divides the garden in half:

yes, grapes! he grew them from a cutting given to him by a former co-worker. from a moist twig in his pocket!
lastly, let's not forget about natural, organic slug a small pond.

an artsy shot of one of the frogs right after hatching...note to americans: a one pence coin is smaller than a us penny, almost dime-sized:

the green man steps off of hundreds of cathedral walls and is caught on cctv plying his magic in the garden:

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