Monday, October 5, 2009

carnac---part II....dolmens and tumuluses

a vocab refresher:

dolmen=standing stones with a table stone horizontally across them.

tumulus=a burial mound [think tomb]

next day...the meat of the trip...

having seen the main attractions of carnac----the alignements---we returned to the route des alignements and kept on driving east. a curious sign on the side of the road---a tumulus restaurant 150 meters [mmm...indian food]...but was there a tumulus for the restaurant to name itself after? yes, it turned out! here i must applaud the french priorities; in america, an attraction gets a gaudy gift carnac, the stones get restaurants!

through a stone gatehouse with honors system box, on our way to the tumulus of kercado, james being james, we stopped to harvest a bounty of chestnuts to bring back to the gourmands in devon. through another stone gate into a solemn, dare i say sacred, space:

simultaneously, we experienced a peace oozing from the landscape and walked a bit in search of the source; we both resolved to retire in france...our 401[k]'s laugh!

in the car again...we see the head of a hiking trail not included on the tourist map. the hike is longer than we'd anticipated, but retrospectively worth it in order to find the 'giant'---the largest standing stone in the area! what is it about us humans that makes it so easy for us to idolize a large singularity [think of pyramids, obelisks and/or michael jackson]? below, in the video, see james and i being all too human:


  1. Are you sure that your in England????? What's the deal with all the sun?
    And you guys are wearing shorts too!

    Rock on.


  2. 'rock on' is right! ;-) the weather so far has been quite good; warm and dry [if not always sunny]...but remember that carnac is in france.

    thanks for the comments, jay! sometimes it feels like i'm whistling at the bottom of the sea ;-) love, dan

  3. Some people can hear that song Dan.