Monday, October 5, 2009

carnac---part III....inside the dolmens and tumuluses

stop. what's that on the side of the road? a wonderful group of two dolmens and a tumulus! the dolmens de mane-kerioned. [gradually i'm learning that the greatest satisfaction lies in discovering sites for one's self, off-piste.] the interior of the tumulus sports some interesting engravings which look like chalk drawings but aren't. it seems that the carved channels in the rock attracted some type of fungus over the course of 5,000 years. amazingly, i was able to capture them convincingly with the digital camera. flash in the dark.

let's set the exterior scene----here's the smaller dolmen of the two:

the larger of the two:

here are engravings inside the tumulus. maybe its just my tactile nature, but it was in here that i found the most 'connection' and communion with the stones...and/or with the people who put them there. the sense of sanctuary which is inevitable inside a stone tomb surely added to this sensation.

lastly at the fruitful dolmens de mane-kerioned, james plays schiziod tour guide and can subsequently never run for public office:

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