Saturday, October 10, 2009

jimmy juice

as i've said in a previous post, james has been on an all-liquid fruit and vegetable juice diet---supplementing with bee pollen, tinctures of cayenne and hawthorn, spirulina and acidophilus---for the past month. he intends to continue for two more months.

why? to fight chronic fatigue syndrome, aka, myalgic encephalomyelitis in britain. 'me' has made the news recently, having been linked with a virus.

the photo above represents an entire day's worth of nutrition: about 10 pounds of fruit and vegetables. [yes, an expensive proposition] then, all is chopped up and fed into the juicer [the same kind as jay and mel have]. realize that he's been hauling around either the juicer, in the case of carnac, or multiple liter bottles of juice, most days!

then poured through a strainer into containers which hold a meal-serving. [5 liter servings/day]'s a closer look at the chlorophyll goodness:

it provokes wonder in me that chlorophyll and hemoglobin are like yin and yang of each other---similar consistency; opposite in color; opposite in function: transporting co2 and o2 in opposite directions; one is plant, one is animal

voila! cheers, mate to the green moustache! james wanted the caption to this photo to be 'got calcium?' in reference to the fact that we've been conditioned by the dairy industry that calcium equals milk or cheese; meanwhile, your average leafy green contains far more, and far more bioavailable [more able to be absorbed by the body], calcium---amongst many other nutrients:

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  1. All power to your juice-monkey elbows! Nice blog, like the videos. You really got up close to those stones in the end.