Thursday, October 22, 2009

what do you think it means?

into downtown for various commercial purposes for an hour or so then back out....

or so i thought...looking up from my current reading, thomas moore's 'a life at work---the joy of discovering what you were born to do', i noticed that i had no idea where i was [in my physical plane coordinates as well as soul] ! then i found out i was heading to norwich airport instead of sprowston, where i'm staying! i really wish to go to the airport [as in leave]? do more wandering [is that even possible]? or is the message: get your nose out of a book and into real life?

comments encouraged...


  1. In what ways hasn't your life taken flight since you've been in England?
    That might be a place you could start. You've mentioned connecting with people has been a challenge and not being able to work. These are just two areas where your lifeforce has been held at bay and not been allowed to flow. Where else has that lifeforce not been allowed to take flight?



  2. Wandering...Wondering...
    Some times I think that we are all wandering.
    Like through a big market, maybe the norwich market. I look at food on sale, the smells, the noise, people, reactions, words and my own emotions. Then time stops and stands still. Maybe a mystical experience of nothingness, maybe... a lack of excitement, maybe a boring afternoon. Then I come back into the market, grab a fresh fish, a bunch of cilantro and I move on ...

    I guess I am wandering, because I don't know exactly the point I was trying to make...

    ...but a suggestion is to sit still bathe in the lack of direction and if it is empty, bathe in the emptiness, if it is comforting bathe in the comfort.

    ...yeah, I think that's it... we all wander, at least I do... and then I take my nose out of the book and into real life... I guess the big question is when should I transition out of the book and when should I transition into the book.

    My friend, however you go, whenever you go, I wish you the best in your journey.