Thursday, October 8, 2009

norwich circus night

how ironic it is that i'm spending yet more time than ever in churches---all it has taken is living in a place of little faith...

but this week's excuse to be in a church is perhaps the most cunning: circus night!!!

i found them on myspace. gather together each wednesday and work on your circus skills: juggling, hoola-hooping, unicycling, stilt-walking, etc. [sometimes more than one at a time] secretly i've been wishing for a group of this nature, heck, a school system of this nature! how much better off would we be if we learned circus skills as children? [well, you know my totally biased answer]...actually i should ask the kid in the group; he's about 12...and seemingly a fine nice it was, even for a mediocre juggler, for me to have something to teach!

i look forward to next week!

1 comment:

  1. Sounds perfect Dan, keep that left/right brain synergy in balance and resonance. Keep us posted.