Friday, October 16, 2009

rory mcleod

courtesy of juliette's car, last night we made the 2hr. trip into london [camden town] to see rory mc leod:

even though i'd had a headache all day which continued through the night, i'm very glad we not only went, but stayed for two can get an idea of his general musicianship from the video: impossible harmonica playing, driving stomping rhythm with foot and guitar, spoons on the leg, sensitive lyrics, meandering stories and a very, almost zen, gentleness.

his way of dealing with a quite inconsiderate group at the bar was subtle; so much so that they missed the point, drunkard was actually holding up the start of the second set. she repeatedly wanted to give rory a pair of spoons to which he replied, 'nah, that's alright, plenty at hang onto 'em and get better...' without any malice or sarcasm...very poetic [for me, obviously]...

then...james had been storing a found door---like he does--- at his dad's house a couple of miles from the venue; so after leaving rory with a thank you wink and a 'goodbye' [had to pass him on the way out] we drove to james' dads', tied the door to the roof rack and james continued the long haul drive back to norwich. in at 3am.

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