Monday, October 5, 2009

stone interlude---le plage!

after a morning and early afternoon of stone gazing, we decided to take advantage of the gorgeous mediterranean weather to-----go the the beach!

the water was only slightly warmer than the freezing shores of devon; but when in france...

surprised [and perhaps a bit disappointed] not to find the famed french topless sun bathers...had the season passed ;-)

then, suddenly james attained enlightenment:

after that, a night on the town...delicious, smooth brittany hard cider and various crepes for me....

but not for james: he is still subsisting on nothing but fresh, organic fruit and veg juice 5 times/day in order to combat his chronic fatigue syndrome. he's been going for 1 month so far and plans to do 2 more months. he has lost 28 pounds to date! i think i need to do a post just on that...

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